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I believe STEPnotes is a cost effective and efficient way of securely managing client documentation. I recommend professional counselors consider using this product.

Jeff W.


I checked out the STEPnotes site. Overall I love it!!

Reagan C.


This product looks like a FABULOUS tool for providing a consistent way to track content of counseling sessions.

Cindy B.


I continue to use your Step Notes format for my documentation :) It's been so helpful for organizing my files!

Jennifer T.


I wanted to say I have been using STEPnotes since I purchased it and it has made my life so much easier!

Dana R.


Stepnotes is great! I found it to be easy to use, very detailed/descriptive, and neat. After you put it all in, it gives you a nice synopsis of everything. This is a great idea and a super helpful tool!

Leslie S.


Thanks for this adaptable and easy to follow process of organizing client files. I recommend your book, especially to those of us, who are in private practice.

Linda T.


[STEPnotes] is a wonderful resource and so needed.

Nannette F.


I love this tool!

Dara W.


Thank you so much for this FANTASTIC information! As a student I often ask for more information in class about documentation techniques and what options/styles do professionals use. I will certainly pass this information along to the Social Work listserve in our department.

Suzanne M.


You have provided a system that is perfect for my needs. I have been searching for years. This is user-friendly and affordable for a Sole Proprietor in Private Practice! In the future, if I decide to Supervise Students, this is an excellent Resource. I will be sure to tell my colleagues.

Cristi S.