• The counselor's STEPs for progress notes.

  • The ways in which mental health practitioners
    and professional coaches note the progress of
    their clients is vital to their work.

  • STEPnotes has created a unique format for how to
    conceptualize and document sessions with clients.

  • The "steps" in STEPnotes provide a solid foundation
    for assessing, evaluating, and planning interventions
    and goals for clients.


Mental Health / Therapy Progress Notes

The STEPs method for progress notes provides a structured method for taking progress notes. With STEPnotes™, counselors are able to conceptualize their counseling sessions and take their notes in a professional and organized manner.

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Dr. Rhonda Sutton's second edition of the straightforward guide to progress notes includes additional examples, information, documentation, and clinical language that expands on the utility and readability of the first book.


Dr. Sutton and her team have created an online tool that provides the STEPs in an easy to use format for taking and maintaining progress notes, all for the one-time cost of $129.99, per counselor, for all of the forms.



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"The mission of STEPnotes is to offer an efficient, streamlined, cost-effective structure for taking informative progress notes." ~ Dr. Rhonda Sutton